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ScreenDiscoverer is a reliable ever-useful tool for zooming, color picking and screen capture.

It allows user to accomplish various tasks such as retrieving the magnification scale of the objects, screenshot making, choosing a color swatch from wherever you want and displaying the color info in all possible color formats. It enables you to handle the build-in ColorPicker and Zooomer in the most convenient and suitable way.


There are two modes that allow user to define zooming space. You can select the area to be zoomed by clicking on target button and placing the zoomer pointer at the centre of the area you want to enlarge. Auto defining is also available for area needed to be magnified – through following the mouse pointer. The selected area can be copied into clipboard being enlarged or in its normal size “as it is”. Convenient dynamic rulers allow easily to trace the cross-hair absolute or relative location.

Color picking

Build-in ColorPicker performs color sampling from any screen part, displaying the color info in HTML, HEX, RGB, HSV and CMYK formats and copying into clipboard. There is also an opportunity to store up to 16 colors in color collection and send them directly to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.


Capturer gives you an opportunity to snap-shot a part of the screen area defined by user, selected window objects or the entire screen. The screenshot can be saved as a file or copied to the clipboard as well as sent to a printer or by E-mail. Convenient Capture Preview presents an opportunity to sort captured objects to the groups, created by user. Capturer with easily configured settings performs wide functionality and rich features spectrum that certainly will meet your expectations.

Convenience and comfort at your fingertips

ScreenDiscoverer performs an opportunity to handle the working process at a single touch of a button. There are hot key combinations that you can use to assist in navigating your creativity, they perform an immediate action when you select certain key combinations. Hot keys are customizable so you can define your own system for processing actions.

Space-saving Design

An easy-to-use interface is always an appreciated commodity in an application. ScreenDiscoverer performs the full mobility to efficiently use available screen space so you can arrange ScreenDiscoverer panes wherever you like. Feel freedom of handling the tool in the way you want it!


The smart design of ScreenDiscoverer and ever useful features it presents convey its simplicity. This user-friendly tool can be used by design professionals but it does not require any special technical or computer knowledge.

Time saving and more efficiency

ScreenDiscoverer allows you to send color values to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw this feature lightens color handling, makes your work more efficient and saves a lot of time. In the future advanced ScreenDiscoverer versions will perform an opportunity to copy color in much more various applications, giving users additional flexibility and convenience in working process.


CharNavigator is a freeware program, which allows you to copy any character of any font installed in your system into clipboard by simple mouse click or key pressing.

Unlike similar applications, CharNavigator views all font ranges, not only 255 symbols. Also, its appearence is easely configurated via the settings page. There is an opportunity to change all colors and sizes, which are saved for the next time usage.

To copy any symbol into clipboard, you may just left click on it or press “enter” key, when the symbol is selected.

Requirements:    Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1

Limitations:    Under Windows Millennium and Windows 98 only first 255 symbols are available to view.


New line of .NET controls production

Microsoft .NET is a new, fast spreading and high-performance technology, considering that fact DMSoft Technologies has started a new line of .NET controls production.

We take great pride in delivering a variety of fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET components that can enhance your application performance. We offer the ideal solutions for .NET developers who need reliable and efficient tools that provide a wide range of the effective features at a reasonable price. To make the controls attractive as well as functional, our graphic designers are working hand-in-hand with our programmers to create high-quality, easy-to-integrate controls and online homework help.

The following components presented below are developed to assist you in application developing in the way you like it.

  • DMControls.ColorMixer is a fully customizable control easily integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET,with an ability to take a color swatch from a palette and mix colors viewing the color coordinates in RGB, HSV, SMYK, HSL formats.
  • DMControls.ColorPicker is a .NET control, which allows you to choose a color swatch from wherever you want and display the color info in all possible color formats.
  • DMControls.CharMap is a .NET component with the ability to view and copy all characters of any font installed in the system.
  • DMControls.FontList Combo presents an opportunity to view and select any font installed in the operating system. There is the support of Windows, DOS and Unicode character sets.
  • DMControls.Lens is a.NET control, which allows you to set or retrieve the magnification scale of the objects.
  • CharNavigator is a freeware program, developed for assisting end-users with font characters handling.
  • ScreenDiscoverer is an ever-useful tool you can use for retrieving the magnification scale of the objects, color sampling, screen capturing as well as for snapshoting and copying color values into Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.